Private school withholding records



I have a few kids in a private school, 3 to be exact, i am requesting report card for one of them, whose account is in good standing fully paid for. But they are refusing to give me that child's report cards, because the other 2 kids account or not in good standing. Is that even possible?
The school catalogue, rules, regulations, and/or anything you signed when you enrolled probably covered that obligation.

Unfortunately, with a lot of schools, the only way they get paid is withholding grade reports and transcripts.

So, Dad, bring the kiddies' accounts up to date and you'll get your report cards.
Is that even possible?

Since that's what's happening, it's obviously possible, but I doubt that's what you intended to ask.

I assume that your contract with the school allows the school to do what it's doing, but obviously neither I nor anyone else here has read that contract or any related documents. You need to review the relevant documents and tell us what they say (or just bring all your kids' accounts current).
Let's put it this way; there is no law that is being violated here. The possibility exists that there is a contractual issue, but not one who has not read the documentation between you and the school can say.