Potential involvement of a Bermuda-based bank in a huge investment fraud

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I am presently a victim of a huge investment fraud which presently affects thousands of argentine investors like myself.

In 2004, I started to operate with an argentine firm named Curatola & Asociados ("C&A") which provided intermediary and counseling services for investing in the Forex market. The CEO of this firm is Mr. Eugenio Curatola.

C&A worked with Vanderbelt Management Group Ltd. ("VMG"); an allegedly forex brokerage firm based in British Virgin Islands (its commercial name is "Forexvan"), which in turn hold an account in a Bank based in Bermuda where most of the C&A´s investors wired their investments to.

In 2005, C&A and VMG started to present problems in honoring withdrawal orders from the investors. In 2006, a pool of investors initiated a lawsuit in Argentina against C&A and against VMG in BVI. The BVI court´s decision was the liquidation of VMG under the terms of BVI´s Insolvency Act. The liquidator firm is presently working in the case, but I am having some suspicions that they might be deviating their efforts away from the bank in Bermuda. So far, it has been demonstrated that the solely owner of VMG is also Mr. Eugenio Curatola.

Also, there are some suspicions that the bank in Bermuda might be involved in this fraud scheme since it is presently undergoing a legal investigation for money laundry.

Therefore, I would much appreciate it if a legal professional advised me as to how at least get access to the bank´s records pertaining VMG´s account. Also I would like to know whether it exists any free public legal counseling appointed by the judiciary system in Bermuda in order to assess the alternative to present a lawsuit against the bank (it´s very expensive to fund a claim from overseas, taking also into account that we have already committed much of our resources to the criminal claim in Argentina and the civil claim in BVI).

Thanks in advance.
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