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Good morning Sir,

I hope that you can help me. I own a house in York Pennsylvania that I have had up for sale for 5 months. In June I had an offer and a contract was submitted. My agent told me to go ahead and find a new place and move, which I did, back to Maryland where I am from. The day of settlement the buyer backed out of the deal, my agent said he couldn't secure his loan so he could just walk away. This was in the contract. Now I am paying for two houses and I can only afford one. What are my options on the PA house which is now one month behind on the mortgage payment and overdue on yearly taxes. I can handle my financial resposibilities in MD but not the house in PA. Is bankruptcy an option? I only want to file for the house in PA leaving me clear in MD. Is this possible? Also I don't believe taxes can be claimed in a bankruptcy. What would happen to that? Any advice would be appreciated.

You should contact a bankruptcy lawyer in the state where you want to file.
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