Police Clearance Certificate



My name is Nisha Thakur.
I am posting this matter to get some genuine suggestion on this issue.
I am from Mumbai, but working and living in Middle East country. Last year in June my husband went India to settle the property disputes with his cousins in Nagpur. During the final settlement discussion, some heated argument arises and it ended with mild violence. Both the parties lodged FIR against each other. My husband's cousins are powerful and well known in the area. Next day police arrested my husband and presented in the magistrate court. Magistrate denied bail and send him to jail. Next day our lawyer put bail application and he got the bail. But he become a accused in a criminal case. Now case is going one charges are framed on him. And I am sure this trial will take at least 3-4 years. But I am still in Middle East working and living with our children's. My husband is living in Nagpur with his younger brother so that he can appear in court on each date. During this period my husband's residency visa got expired and now he has to apply fresh for his residency visa. For residency visa he needs a Police Clearance Certificate which is issued from Passort Seva Kendra. But if he want to apply for visitor visa then he don't need any Police Clearance Certificate.

Now my questions are:
1. Can he get a Police Clearance Certificate when he is a accused in a criminal case and trial is going on?
2. Can he travel abroad during this trial period on visitor visa?
3. Can he apply for renewal of his passport if it is going to expire soon?
4. What are the legal options we have for his foreign visits?
5. Is it possible that he can come here and live with us and every six month he visit India and show his presence in the court?