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Please help me, i dont know waht i can do.

Discussion in 'Banking, Finance, Investments' started by Jewelie, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Jewelie

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    well to start off im 18 and pregnant. when i was dating my ex boyfriend we had a joined account taht he wanted to open to get a loan(so he could buy me an engagement ring byt the way, how romanticc....) but anyways he knew he had to pay the loan off and thats how it was. For soem reason he made me the primary on the loan. i believe because he would not be able to et a loan himself. Me being a stupid 17 or 18 yr old i signed. i didnt know this was going to come back to haunt me 6 months later. We broke up thank god, but i did not close the account because i was still under the impression he was paying the loan. i got now statements in the mail anymore, no notices or anything. Suddenly out of no where i get a letter from the bank that says the account was overdrawn by 400.00 :eek: !!! i went to the bank and they said that it had already been overdrawn for 30 days so i only have 6 days now to pay it b4 it is sent to collections. He changed the address so i had absolutly no idea anything was going wrong. i NEVER put money i nthe account or took money out. i look at the transaction summary sheet that the bank gave me when i went in to see what i could do and everything said it was done in his town (far away) not mine. Is there anything i can do to now be screwed out of 400.00? ANYTHING? :eek:

    Oh and he still owes 80.00 on the loan, i dont know what i can do, i feel like there should be justice for it but im not sure. they just want the money from anyone, i will pay it if there is a way to get the money back from him...
    i am pregnant now and DEFINATLY do not have any money laying around that i can throw away like that.
    ill appreciate any advice!!:confused: i need help bad.

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