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Plea agreement Sentencing, Plea Bargains

Discussion in 'Criminal Procedure, Criminal Court' started by Freebird_Now, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Freebird_Now

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    My plea agreement was not honored. My attorney failed to place the terms on the record. My attorney claims to have no recollection. I was told my sentence would be capped at 5 years. I was ultimately sentenced to 8 yrs (5 plus 3 post release). At sentencing the D.A. states

    "... the people are recommending the maximum time allowable. The people are aware that your honor made a sentencing commitment to mid-range sentencing and the people are asking for 5 yrs state time"

    It is clear there was a plea agreement. The charges have a range of up to 7 years.

    Is anyone familar with this topic? Do you think their is any chance the would resentence me?

    Thanks in advance.

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