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My question is within the state of Michigan.
I'm a victim in a case with my son's father. Who is being charged with 4 accounts of criminal sexual condut 3rd degree. I had to testify at his preliminary exam,and the also took his DNA.

The only problem is I told the police that I had told my son's father I was 13 and that he told me he was 21. I even testified on oath about i also. But, the only problem is tat it's a lie. I told him I was 18 after he had told me he was 23. Than after I got pregnant I said I was 14. Intercourse didn't happen after I told him that.

My biggest question is how could this affect this case? What kind of charges can I be put up with for making a false statement on oath, when the age is a big issue in this case? Is this even perjury? What degree of perjury is it? I plan on telling the court that I lied becuse I feel like it's he right thing to do.
You need to tell the cops immediately.

They are no doubt more interested in sending this pervert away and I suspect they don't want you in jail.
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