Paypal Froze My Acct & Is Keeping My Money

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I recently started a PAYPAL account and statred selling on ebay. I verified my account and about 3 days later received an "account limitation" notice. I can not spend, withdraw or close my account.

There reasoning is that there was another account with the same address and phone number (not name) that had a negative balance. In doing a little checking into it I found out that my ex-girlfriend had an account that was in the negative for a little over $400.00.

I spoke to a "dispute resolution" representative who told me that my case would be reviewed by the "dispute review" department who only look at account and do not speak to consumers. She told me indirectly that my account will be closed and monies frozen until the $400 dollars is paid in full. I asked them to provide me anything they could that linked me to this account. She said "We do not need to prove anything to you, if you would like the limitations restricted you need to clear up YOUR balance" I again asked her to prove that this debt is mine.

Well after that waste of time I followed the instructions on the frozen account and received a system generated email saying that " we are unable to lift the limitations until you pay off this balance.

I do not want to pay this amount. Is this legal and is there anything I can do to restore my account or at least close it out and get my funds

Ted Hart
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