My father was born in Texas in 1945, at home. He has a Certificate of Live Birth and the doctor did not file the paperwork correctly. He does not have a Birth Certificate with the "seal" that is required. He has lived in this country his entire life. He has worked, paid taxes, served in the Guard with FBI Clearance, worked for the Post Office, the State of California (for nearly 40 years), retired and receives Social Security. His parents, their parents, parents of those parents and so on, have all been born and bred in the US. A month ago he applied for a passport. The Postal rep said that in his case we would need to build a case.... We sent the Record of Live Birth, school records, military records, Driver Lic., etc. And still he was denied. Aside from the fact that my family has a trip planned to go out of the country in May, I am more upset that my father seems to be "trapped" within the border. He was given a reference number and has been on the phone with the State Department. They are asking for things like census items, and a letter sent from Texas affirming that no record was found and they would review it. I need to know if there is someone that we can speak to who can cut-to-the-chase and stop nickel and diming us for bits and pieces of information. A government official? Do I need to retain an attorney? Surely their are other citizens that want to travel outside of the borders that have had like instances of no Birth Certificate because of home birth..... Help Please