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I owe $2460 to the county for child support. My kids live with me now so it will NOT accumulate. I read in several places that I can get a passport even if I owe $5000 or less. Another location said $2500 or less. The child support office says the balance must be $0.

I was denied for a passport 1 year ago when my balance was $4000. I have slowly made payments. Can I legally get a passport right now even with my balance with Child support at $2460?

I owe for my taxes every year so that's not an option. It would be great if I could apply and get a passport. Child support office says my name is on a List that keeps me from getting a passport.

Can someone please help me?????
Renewing Green Card - Child support owed

Can my green card be renewed when I have not paid child support from the country social service office. My children are now 18 and 20 and I never paid and I owe over $20,000. Can I make payment arrangements and will I be forced to stay in the US until payments are made?
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