Out of state parking tickets


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I am from Utah and on my way to San Jose, California for the first time in many years. I had a parking ticket at a broken parking meter in San Francisco about 20 years ago that I challenged by mail. I don't recall how it was resolved. I am now worried about since I have heard some horror stories about parking tickets suddenly being drudged up decades later with huge fines, even if it's the DMV's fault for not responding and even for bad tickets. I am renting a car and don't know if any of this will show up.

Sorry for the second account but I couldn't post another question and this one is important for me! Thank you for any help or guidance that ay of you can provide.
I am renting a car and don't know if any of this will show up.
A rental vehicle is licensed to the rental agency, ie...
Hertz, National, Avis, Budget, etc...

The vehicle license has no connection to you when a license plate reader or human being does a license plate check.

You and the rental vehicle should fare well, until the homeless hoardes, thugs, ne'er do wells, and crazed maniacs descend upon you. San Freakcisco is a very dangerous city these days.
Utah courts have the option of issuing a bench warrant for failure to appear.

Thanks to the national driver license compact CA authorities could obtain access to your record if you get pulled over for something.

I came across this Utah warrant search. Check for your name.

Still, no entry is no guarantee that it won't come up if you are pulled over for something.

Just drive carefully, obey all the traffic signs, don't call attention to yourself, and be careful where you park.