Out of money and car

Candace herrera

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I bought a Yukon as is . I was under the impression that the Yukon was a good running car and that it would have no problems for awhile according to the sales guy. My first road trip it starts acting really weird and the shifting and all the lights come on . Check engine traction control stable light. So I call the dealership because I had gotten a second kind of ins that they said would cover if anything went wrong with it . I guess I wasn't covered. They never gave me any paper work on it either. They forgot to give me my registration papers as well . Which took aonth to get. So I had to have the car towed to the dealership and they said it was gunna cost me $811 dollars . Well a week in a half later the car breaks down again and this time it's the rear end differential and gears and stuff. I find me a mechanic certified in all the good stuff. He tells me that they didn't even fix wheat they said they fixed I knew they didn't because the problem was still happening after I drove it all the way home over two hundred mile. He also told me that they should have never let me drive off the lot the first time with this vehicle because the code for this problem has been coming up since well I don't have the exact numbers at the moment. The first day I brought it home I had to call AAA to come and start the car because I guess there was a truck to the key they didn't tell me. But if I recall there wasn't one when I first drove it. Well that's another issue . I think I test drove a whole different car then what I purchased. Any ways if tried to call text I've texted them over 20 messages begging for some kind of help. And the won't return any of my messages or phone calls. I paid $10,995 for this vehicle plus $811 . I only got to drive it for a month and a week. I just won't my money back. At this point I spent every dime I had and now I'm out a car and money . They didn't offer me a rental or any thing. Also they were supposed to fix something that was under warranty and they didn't. They would have seen what was wrong with it when they had up in the air when they were supposedly fixing it. I could of been on the freeway when the rear end looked up and could of caused a huge and maybe fatel accident. Are these the right papers I should be filing or my mechanic is filing them and do I need to sign them before he sends them off with the pictures and every thing. Thank you .
I bought a Yukon as is.

What year is the truck and how many miles were on it when you bought it?

You have a service contract that you purchased. Any rights for repair would be included in that contract. Read your contract.