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    For those of you who are unaware, a great number of your Web-based activities are tracked without your knowledge. While the use of your IP address or a 12 digit code that identifies your computer on the Internet does not identify you personally, it could potentially be traced back to you given enough time and effort.

    Doubleclick, which serves a majority of ads to your web browser on behalf of other advertisers, has made available an "opt out" option for being tracked for the purpose of serving ads that meet your interests. What does this mean? It means that Doubleclick monitors your activities on the Web and serves you ads consistent with where you surf, e.g. if you frequent automotive sites you will be served with automotive based advertising when you are on a site whose ads are served to your browser by Doubleclick. While Doubleclick states that they do not track your personally identifiable information, many still feel that they could care less about being served "appropriate" advertising and that the risk of information being collected is not worth this investment.

    As a result, Doubleclick has offered an "opt-out" option in the cookie that has probably been placed on your computer in your "cookies" folder. For more information and to opt-out of being tracked by Doubleclick, http://www.doubleclick.net/us/corporate/privacy/privacy/default.asp?asp_object_1=& or go to http://www.doubleclick.net/us/corporate/privacy/privacy/default.asp?asp_object_1=& .

    What about spyware? Lavasoft, creator of "Adaware", a software that eliminates spyware, defines spyware as the following: "Advertising systems which secretly use your internet connection to download banner-ads or send various user data to a third parties server - with or without knowledge of the user.
    These companies build user profiles for statistical data, or they sell it to third parties to do target advertising. Often an attractive "Free" host application is used to transport the parasite. Nearly all spyware systems hide their intentions (Gathering user specific information) behind a nice privacy policy,
    shown during or before the installation of their (customers) software. Anyway, it is like the "fine print on the back of the ceiling". In our experience most of the time people where not aware of the fact that they install an advertising parasite when they installed the so called "freeware" application.When you decide to uninstall the host application (the freeware),
    the spyware will remain active on your system. This so called "freeware" is not free at all, it may cost your privacy or at least bandwidth and cpu resources. Since no trojan \ virusscanner scans for them, it is not trivial to remove them entirely or even detect them."

    The lite version of Adaware is free! It works! Read more about what Adaware does by
    clicking here or by visiting http://www.lavasoftusa.com/aaw.html .
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