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OPT with misdeameanor LONG Time ago

Discussion in 'Investment, Work Visa' started by Tingedtiger, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Tingedtiger

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    I am in the process of applying for OPT for my work.
    In the Form I-765, it is asking me if i was ever arrested or convicted.

    In 2010 (High school), I was caught shoplifting a candy bar at Walmart, but it was a misdemeanor and the case was sealed / expunged.

    I do know that the records will show up even when its sealed for immigration purposes, but i do not have any documents about the seal or disposition with me since its such a long time ago (8 years).

    I know i would want to be transparent and check yes on the box, but would not being able to attach any forms be a bad thing?

    Also Is there any way to get the documents I need? I have no information on the case at all.. sadly.

    If anyone could answer as soon as possible that would be great... I have a very great job lined up here and would hate to let it go. Thank you for the help.

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