Ohio: Roommate given Marital property over surviving spouse

A few questions occur to me, too. Why didn't OP call the police when the two beatings occurred? When the dog was taken, the police might have recovered it during an arrest.

And when exactly was the dog taken? Certainly before the death. Depending on the when, there could be a statute of limitations there. I think it's two years for tort in most places.

The other thing that doesn't make sense is the lost dog attachment that says the dog was last seen on Nov 23 2023 in Ohio and Washington. Pretty remarkable dog, able to be in two places on the same date. Teleportation maybe.
It was Mt Washington in the state of Ohio. To bad he isn't still alive, I'd add adultery to the domestic violence charges.
There doesn't need to be anything in writing, much less a notarized writing. They would need to prove that he gave them the dog with evidence. Their evidence can be testimony. You would need to prove he didn't give them the dog with evidence. Your evidence can be testimony. Can you truthfully testify that he did NOT give them the dog?
No,, I can't and it actually wouldn't surprise me he was a drug addict and once he stole her, that ended all veterinarian care. I paid for it all for her and this bedwarmer is exactly like dead husband, drugs are more important than Baby Ruth and always were. Oh, he was a sociopath with narcissistic traits and was the biggest mistake of my life. I thought surviving spouse would Trump the roommate but oh well, I'm on the lookout to adopt a 1-6 year old Shih-tzu or Shih-Poo. Looking for a playmate for Skittles. Thank you.
So, the dog was his too.
No, it sounds to me like he took his property.
So, the roommate now owns the dog.
You already acknowledged that your husband, the joint owner of the dog, gave her the dog. It's her dog.
You don't have to...from your description, you no longer own the dog.
He only paid the purchase price and nothing else. I paid for her Wellness Plan from the outset, paid for her to be spayed and microchipped. I paid for her food for the first year when he decided she wouldn't be eating the same as the other puppy and put her on a diet of junk food, fast food,, and candy. It took a toll on her as she's lame, has joint pain and dental problems

He never took her to the vet preferring to buy drugs. IMO She was not his to give away. He always caused her pain and it's what's in store for her with the roommate because she's never taken her to the vet either I had to go around the deceased to help her

And yes, he did steal her. I called the courthouse when he and the 2 crooked cops left I checked the court order to pick up his personal possessions to see if her name was on it even though I knew it wasn't, pets are considered family property . Ya know, he never did anything legal in the 9 years we were married. He was a sociopath and didn't care about Ruthie, it was me not having her was his goal. And the broad he gave her to is like his bookend. Just paying for a pet entails more than just that IMO. I paid more than 4X what he paid for her. I pay for the management of her microchip every year. IMO the first visit to the vet should have dissolved his part of her ownership or when I told him"no" in response to his asking if I was going to put him on her microchip profile, he punched the heck out of me with one arm, drove with the other and threatened to kill me and the puppies. I filed DV charges the next day. I don't see Ruthie receiving any better treatment where she is currently. Ownership of a pet should require more than the purchase by one spouse and everything else being paid by the responsable and caring spouse.
It was Mt Washington in the state of Ohio. To bad he isn't still alive, I'd add adultery to the domestic violence charges.
Also there is a whole different set of laws in District 2, Hamilton County The only reason I was able to get DV charges filed against him in the first place was he committed the crime in Union Township, Clermont County. His mother is a milllionare and owns quite a few cops in Diistrict 2 and county officials in Hamilton who I've Had the displeasure of meeting.
Because the general presumption in the law is that the person in possession of a piece of property is the owner. If A possesses a widget, and B claims the widget belongs to him, and A doesn't want to give the widget to B, then B's recourse is to take the matter to the court.
Okay, another question, what construes ownership? Aside from purchase price, he paid nothing.. I paid vet bills, Wellness Plan, heart worm shots, spaying, microchipping, grooming and food first year.

My question to ya'll is this, was she actually his to give away? Or should she have been returned to me insteead of being thrown from out of the frying pan into the fire?
BTW I'm glad he's gone as he terrified me. They don't have meds for sociopath and they're terrifying,.