Weapons, Guns, Firearms Notification of seizure for passenger's guns

Charlie Mohigan

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A little over a month ago, a gave my cousin and her boyfriend a ride to McDonald's. I was stopped and he was arrested on warrants. My cousin had 2 guns in her purse, which her boyfriend admitted were his. I was given a traffic citation for expired license and then my cousin and I were free to go.

Yesterday FedEx delivered documents from the ATF addressed to me stating that my property (listing the 2 guns) was going to be seized and had forms to contest the seizure.

They aren't mine and I had never even seen them. They were in my cousin's purse and claimed by her biyfriend.

Why have I received these documents?

Does this mean the police believe the guns were mine or that her boyfriend (still incarcerated) is now claiming that they were mine?