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Hello & thanks in advance for reading any any advice.

In early June 2012 I received a notice of non renewal of lease from my landlord informing me that I will not be able to renew in Sept.
The notice only included me even though there was a total of 4 (counting me) in a 12 month lease which was due to expire in Sept.
The other three roommates were allowed to stay without issue.
I paid my rent with direct deposit every month, didnt produce any damage to the room, apt as a whole, or garage aside from two small oil stains which I cleaned.

When I called to find out why I got this letter I was dumb struck by the explanation that she was taking the garage out of the lease and that is why I would not be allowed back. Offering to park the cars elsewhere didn't change her mind. Now its my opinion she kicked me out bc I wanted the garage door fixed as it would fall off the track due to a missing wheel and once gave me a concussion. She consistently said it was to expensive to fix. The door did get fixed maybe a month before I left with maybe 30$ worth of parts.

Fast forward to today I receive (i believe on accident) an email from her to the other roommates that only people in my old Apt may use the driveway. I have in writing that this was the reason I was not allowed back into the Apt. Also in the same letter she goes on to say I was an excellent tenant.

MY Q's

-Has my old landlord broken the law?
-Can I take her to court?
-Roughly what are the odds of winning?\

Thanks again
It doesn't appear the landlord broke any law. You were apparently given proper notice that the lease would not be renewed. That can be for any reason at all. It is different from eviction.
You don't seem to have any reason to sue. You have no damages. Your odds of success are extremely low.
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