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Need some advice on how to proceed

Discussion in 'Banking, Finance, Investments' started by jjsunshine7, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. jjsunshine7

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    Hi.. I just wanted to ask for some advice about a loan I have in Canada. I am an Indian with a PR status in Canada. I had taken a loan in June 2006. In Dec 06 I came down to India to be with my husband as I was expecting and due to deliver in Apr. I had to leave the job I had in Canada. My intention was to go back to Canada with my husband and child and to start repaying the loan again and I had informed this to the bank in Jan 07. The important point here is that I am the only one with the PR status. My husband and daughter don’t have a Canadian visa. Becos of this my return to Canada has been delayed. We have yet to apply for visas for the two of them. I am now wondering whether the failure on my part to keep up the loan payments will have been charged as a case against me and whether this will come up in case I apply for a visa for my husband and baby. I intend to start repaying the loan once I am back in Canada. I am not in a position to meet those payments from India because I don’t have that much income from here.

    Please let me know
    1) Whether since it has been almost a year since I made the payments, is it possible that the bank has filed a lawsuit against me and if this will land me in jail if I come back to Canada
    2) If I will face a problem in applying for visas for my husband and baby and if the applications can get rejected on this account.
    3) If my PR status will be invalid since it has become almost a year since I exited from Canada

    Thanks and regards


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