Need help answering summons from collection agency

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I'm being sued by a debt collector over a credit card debt for around $3,000 and need help in answering the summons.

The debt is mine, and the statue of limitations is not up, so is there a point in trying to fight it? I keep hearing people say that because it's a debt collector and not the original creditor that's suing, I could try to argue that they don't own the debt, or something like that. But they have attached two "assignment" sheets where Citi (the original creditor) sold the debt first to one collection agency, and then Unifund (the one that's suing me) bought it from them. However, these assignments do not have my account number, name, or the amount of debt, just the dates that the debt was bought, and the names of the companies involved. The other evidence is a copy of an original credit card bill with my account number blacked out.

So, is that all the proof they need? Would it do any good to try and fight it? And if so, how should I word my argument? I'm unemployed, don't have any money in the bank for them to seize, but I do own my house and I'm worried I could end up homeless soon since it's the only thing they have to take.
Are you certain you are being sued? Have you received an actual order to appear in court or have you received a demand letter from the company threatening legal action if you fall to pay?
You won't lose your house, but if a judgment is made against you a lien could be placed on the house so they would get their payment if/when you sell it.
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