Near-Impossible Probation Requests


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West Virginia
My grandmother was charged on felony drug counts (which carries a 3-5 year maximum jail term in WV) and given 16 months of Home Confinement which was commuted to probation. However, her probation officer is a bit of a hardass and set up near impossible rules.

We live in rural WV and her probation office is about an hour away (about 70-80 miles) but she still requires my grandma to come in for random screenings. It wouldn't be so bad , but my grandmother is currently vehicle-less and in a contentious court battle with her former mechanic (still waiting on a verdict there). She tried to explain the situation and how it might impact her being to come in at random intervals, but her PO would not even accept it.

This past weekend, the PO allowed my grandmother to stay with her severely ill sister following a random screening (she was already in town for a doctors appointment, so no need to scramble to find a ride to town.), however when grandmother proposed staying with my great-aunt until Monday (her next PO appointment), instead of going all the way home, she was denied and told to be home by Sunday night, even though her PO appointment is at 1030 am Monday morning. It seems impossible for Grandma to go back and forth all the time and I fear that one of these days, she won't be able to find a ride and get sent to jail for being vehicle-less.
Probation requirements aren't designed for the convenience of the convicted criminal. There's nothing even remotely impossible about those rules. All she has to do is make sure somebody is available to give her a ride at a moments notice.

As an alternative, she's free to serve out her sentence in prison where she won't have any transportation problems.
Poor granny. Maybe she should have thought of these possible problems before she decided to be involved with drugs.

As Jack said, if she finds it too difficult there is always prison.

By the way, how old is granny?