Credit Cards, Rating, Repair My wife is being Sued by Midland Funding over credit card debt

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I filed an answer in court and a court date was set. Also filed a request for dismissal because the information provided did not have a signed agreement and the only thing they provided was a generic assignment of debt with no specific account information, a copy of a billing statement that had the first 12 digits of the account number blacked out. After filing the request for dismissal they also sent an affidavit with someone's name in it saying that they had personal knowledge of the account but from what i have read they are notorious for robo-signing these and the person listed really has no knowledge of the account.
I was going to help represent my wife in court but I have been told I can't because she is the only person listed on the suit.

We are running out of time so what are my options?
You can still assist her, but you may not be able to speak in court.
If it gets down to it, ask for a continuance so that you may have more time to obtain legal counsel. The assistance of an attorney will help keep this from ever getting into court.
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