Sentencing, Plea Bargains My 3 & 2 yr old daughters were brutaly raped how do I get their rapists inca


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My 2 & 3 yr daughters where brutally raped with the intent to kill them by their 15 yr old half sisters. I want their rapists incarcerated in the SJO program ( severe juvenile offender program) they meet all the criteria for this program. One of the rapists is charged with 3 first degree sexual assault felonies and the other is charged with 1. The ADA handling the cases refuses to even consider. And I filed a complaint against the ADA and now she is talking about dropping the cases. But since my babies where raped in my home Cps stepped in and has a chips case on my babies with the same ADA in charge of that. These animals who hurt my babies have tried to kill them in the past on many occasions and they have never gotten anything more than counseling. It's like they are saying my baby girls deserved to be raped and do desvere Justice. How can I get them the Justice they deserve?
The decision to do this is not made by you or the DA, but rather by the judge. You'll likely just have to wait and see. Perhaps you'll have opportunity to give an impact statement and make your wishes be known to the court.
I suggest you try to focus on the health and well-being of your children and try not to dwell on things you can't control.