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Moving On

Discussion in 'Law School & Careers in Law' started by RobbieO, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. RobbieO

    RobbieO Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I work for a large IT tech supplier. Its not the greatest but it pays the bills.
    I have more than once tried to move to another team within the company and learn some new skills (and also get away from the weird mix of people I am with now).
    My manager refuses to release me if I want to interview w/another team.

    Last year a whole team had their work outsourced and my team took over only a portion of their work. Most of them lost their jobs or retired or whatever. They said they could not find anything else within the company.

    Last fall, 4 men on my team, the "pets" of the management or those who suck up the best were moved to job codes paying more and with a different job title. We all continued to do the same work, same job function. We were not told any of this untill 7 months later. To this day, none of their work has changed, they still surf the web all day and only do work when called upon.

    Also last fall, we were all instructed to fill out an audit survey of our job function and I believe that the ones that were promoted were either coached on what to submit or revised it somehow as WE WERE ALL DOING THE SAME JOB!

    The 5 of us pushed to the hourly job code get stuck doing most of the work. Some of the old timers were furious, so I know there is more to it then just a job code change.

    Previous to that we were all told to be cross-trained with each others job function and to all learn a new tool that was rolled out.

    I have noticed that the older people (over 40), the females and the workers who did not update their skill set all were moved to the hourly job code similar to the one that was outsourced last year. My skill set is as high as it can go, but I fall into the other 2 brackets.

    I am sensing a set up here and trying to get out of the line of fire by seeking work on another team. There are plenty of opportunities.
    My manager says he has no one to back fill my position if he released me so any other manager who is interested in my skill set, he tells them no.

    To me, that is why they pay HIM the big bucks, to manage his resources.

    Its becoming obvious you have to either quit or stay and eventually get laid off anyway due to the outsourcing. I have seen this done to 2 other people, they ended up quitting and the 3rd person went to HR and she did get released but not without very rude back lash before she left.

    Now the issue with me its not so much I cannot move to another team, its the way they are DOING this. I was told, "that is just how they do things here."

    Why should I have to lose my job to get another or leave under a cloud?
    Its like "well you don't leave us, WE decide when you leave."

    My main questions are:

    1) Can they legally hold you back from seeking other opportunites? The company pushes the "open door policy" but I don't trust it, I think it gets straight back to the manager.
    Can this be brought out as a grievance?

    2) By changing the job code, they make it appear the others are doing different job functions but they are not. Can this be brought to light as a grievance? I sit right next to the guy, he does very little all day but he does nothing that I could not do or already know.

    3) Are the above 2 items discrimination?

    4) I enjoy my work, I really dislike the culture and sneakiness here and an old timer stated, Oh, they have always done things sneaky." I think my sneaky peers are the ones who fit in the best.

    I'm just not wired that way.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. calalily

    calalily New Member

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    Those two items are not discrimination. Yes, you can file a grievance. Anyone can file a grievance for anything; doesn't mean they will take it seriously. Yes, it probably will get back to your manager.
    Is there another Tech Supplier CO. in your town that you can apply for a job, because things probably won't improve where you at.
    Is going back to school (you could get student loans) an option to upgrade your skills? Your company may even have a program that helps pay for educational courses that help you on the job.

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