Misdemeanor Larceny


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North Carolina
Back in 2012 I received a misdemeanor larceny charge for stealing in my local Wal-Mart. I plead guilty because I didnt have any money for a lawyer. Well now, its been 3 years and I have been going through hell because this charge has stoppe me from getting jobs an now its hard to take care of my children without a job. I wanted to know coul i get my charge expunged since its the first offense and the only thing on my record? I have noit gotten in any trouble since.
In general it you cannot seek to expunge a record for 7 years. You should have requested a public defender and then sought ACD or Diversion which could have protected your record
Here is a link with info on NC expungements for informational/educational purposes only - not giving legal advice.

Summary of NC Expunctions 2015 | NC Justice Center

It might have been best if you hadn't named the store in your post for your protection.

I might mention that an expungement doesn't mean the event/incident is removed from everyone's view.