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At the end of the month I have to go to court for 2 misdemanor charges 1 for disorderly intoxication and the other for resist or obstruct w/o violence.
Both charges are from 2006.
Now back in 2003 I was found guilty of battery and disorderly conduct.
I was wondering how much if any the charges from 2003 will be used against me in my upcoming case and what I should expect.

With that said I have changed my life drastically since.I've been sober for over a year and a half.I also deal with anxiety disorder and depression.I have paperwork from both an addictions counselor attesting not that I'm in recovery but remittance.I also have detaiied diagnosis from my psyciatrist whom I've been seeing for over a year about the anxety and depression.I was also wondering if any of that,all the hard work I've done to turn my lfie around,would be taken into consieration

You may want to throw in a motion to dismiss for lack of speedy trial. Two years, what the hell has everyone been doing?
Thanks for the advice.The fact it's been 2 years was apparently my fault.THey supposedly gave me a court date but I didn't have any paperwork on me the next day and since I was still drunk when they released me I don't remember it.They picked me up on an FTP a couple weeks ago. The funny thing is I didn't do anything wrong then either.It was a random license plate run.I've gotten my drivers license renewed, moved to a diff apt all within the same County and nothing.I've had no run ins with the law since this nite 2 years ago.
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I received the offical Police report in the mail today and this is what it says.Based on the this I can't imagine anything major happening but any feedback would of course be appeciated.This is verbatim minus my name.And FYI I wasn't homeless and not sure why I said I was.

I observed a white male,later identified as me laying next to the road. I approached him and had some difficulty waking him up. He eventually woke up and got to his feet. It was immediately apparent that he was intoxicated.He began waving his arms around and then walked out into the road. I ordered him to come back and sit down so I could assess if he needed any medical attention.He didn't comply so I grabbed him by his right arm to get him out of the road. I then led him to a large rock and told him to sit down. He initially complied but then got up and tried to walk away from me. I ordered him several times to stop and he refused. He continued trying to walk out into the road where there was vehicle traffic. I ran after him and had to physically grab his right arm and pull him back to a safe place. He again waved his aarms around and said why the fuck do I have to listen and I just want to fucking go home. He yelled this loud enough that two people in a nearby parking lot turned and looked in out direction. I questioned him about his name and address. He provided his name but would not tell me where he lived. I asked him several times but he only said that he wanted to fucking go home. He finally admitted he was homelss and sleeping on the streets. He was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence.
good luck and congrads on your soberity i am not a lawyer but i would think you should be able to fill for dismissal for lack of speedy trail and lack of evidence proving you resisted arrest he didnt seem to have a problem if you were arrested without violence
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