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Discussion in 'Use of the Law Forum & News' started by Michael Wechsler, Jun 25, 2010.

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    OK... I've been hard at work. There will be several new additions in the upcoming weeks and I'm pretty excited. :)

    1. TheLaw Forums - Mobile Edition

    First, in case you didn't know, these forums are already "mobile ready" with a truly great application called "Tapatalk" - and we will be releasing something extra special soon as well. :) If you've got any popular PDA, we've got a solution for you:

    Tapatalk for the iPhone

    Tapatalk for Android

    Tapatalk for Blackberry OTA

    2. TheLaw Guide - Mobile Edition

    If you're on an iPhone, you should automatically get the mobile edition. If you want to switch to the mobile optimized, just click the link in the footer "switch to mobile version" and joila! You've got a very nice custom theme that allows you to look at all the guides in portrait view - no need to turn your device on its side or its head. :) They will also get a brand new mobile theme for those of you who don't want or don't have Tapatalk. There will also be other options.... stay tuned.

    3. The Lawyer Directory

    This entire area is being redone. Attorney and professional profiles will be updated and you will be able to find whom you're seeking with much greater ease. I am also working on the mobile edition.

    4. The Law Jobs - New Software and Mobile Version

    In addition to having very easy to use new software for posting your job and resumes, this will also be mobile optimized!!!

    5. Huge FAQ Usage Section and New Support Section

    - This also includes a mobile version, of course. :)

    6. More Releases in July

    I can't speak at the moment about the July releases but I'm very excited about them and you'll know why shortly. Thank you all of you for your help here, especially our world class moderators. This news explains the reason for my slightly lower activity level this past month, as I've been working overtime for the July release. Hope you like it and glad to see daylight again!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.