Let a "friend" store some things but he won't get them


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I had a "friend" that was getting kicked out of his house and I let him store some things in my garage.
I told him he could use it for a month or two. It's now been over 6.
There was no written contract, nor was there any compensation given to me.

A few months ago I found my truck had been eaten up by pack rats so I called him and left a message saying I wanted his things out by the end of the weekend, (5 days away). He didn't call back, nor has he contacted me since then.

I believe he will never remove any of it.

I need to get rid of his junk but I want to make sure I do it legally so he can't come back at me.

So I thought I would:
1) send a registered letter telling him he had 30 days to remove his property.
2) send a regular snail mail stating the same, in case he refuses the registered letter
3) call and leave a message saying the same, while recording the conversation

Would that be sufficient? Is there something more I should do?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
(and yes, I already know not to do that again!)