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Lawyer Joke: Promises of an Estates Attorney

Discussion in 'Lawyer Jokes, Stories' started by Michael Wechsler, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Michael Wechsler

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    An elderly, dying man had three close friends - a doctor, an accountant and an attorney. The man, who was near death, called his friends for an important private conversation - during which he told them that he wanted to take all his money with him to help him in his next life. He gave each of them a small identical box, which contained $50,000, to be placed on top of his coffin before ground is shoveled over his remains.

    Unfortunately the man passed away the following week. At his funeral, each of the deceased man's friends placed the box they had been given on top of the coffin before it was lowered into the ground and covered with earth.

    After the funeral, the doctor began to shake. He said that he had a confession to make. Unfortunately his practice wasn't going as well as planned, he needed to make bank payments on his office and there was only $40,000 in the box which he placed on his close friend's coffin. The accountant immediately felt guilty. He too confessed that times were hard, his new child put his family expenses beyond his means, and that there was only $25,000 in the box which he placed on his best friend's coffin.

    The attorney looked at his friends with a disgusted scowl. "To help our dear departed friend in his transition, I made sure there was a check for $60,000 in the box I placed on his coffin!"
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  2. adjusterjack

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    The grave diggers were happy when they came to fill in the hole.
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