Parking, Access landlord says parking fee not charged for over a year, now wants money

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My 12 month lease ended Spring 2013, I've been paying more per month since it is month to month lease. Apartment building (mid rise) management company had charged a monthly parking fee, along with trash, water, sewer, storage, etc. - lumped into monthly rent/amount...and the amount fluctuates some due to those items being included. My new monthly rate changed and I've just been paying whatever the online amount was. At the same time, the building was sold and is under new management.

I recently complained that the parking garage was always more full than in the past and asked if vehicles without parking permit decals were being towed or not, since residents pay to park (monthly). The manager responded saying in fact I haven't been paying a parking fee since Spring 2013 and now owe over $1000. The explanation given was the system didn't renew the fee back in Apr now I owe, as the manager didn't catch it before.

Almost seems like retaliation since I complained/inquired about their lack of enforcing the parking policy for towing vehicles in the garage without parking permits/decals - I have the previous management company's decal.

Can they enforce my paying it when they didn't include it in the lump rental sum due each month, due to a glitch in their system? And I didn't notice it was not paid, since my rates changed and they include the other costs in the monthly total (so it fluctuates some).
I suspect they won't be able to collect the pay amount, but they could start the fee now that they discovered the error.
Besides, I'm sure you didn't park in that garage during the last year anyway...
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