Landlord disrupting electric


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So today our rent was due despite the ordeal we are going through we are going to pay it. So, we get back from making our money order and our lights are off! The landlord disconnected the service with no warning. We have a court date for an attempt at an illegal eviction(my belief) and today she disrupted our utilities in the middle of a south texas summer. We are literally eating and living outside our home!

We had 236 dollars in food stored for the next week or 2 and its now spoiled!! Shes refusing the rent because she just wants us gone! So i may just get a motel room, but that os not in my budget, and shouldn't have to be.

I called the police they called the lady to tell her that she was breaking the law but she acted like she didnt understand english and hung up. They basically told me its illegal but in a civil sense amd they cant do much. The one cop used to be code enforment and wants to make it his mission to report all the out of code violations clear to the naked eye and then wprops to him.

..My problem is that it is saturday So what in the world.... aside from an expensive motel room .
Can i do??. Under code property code 98.002 (i think) it cleary states that its illegal and there are civil penalties..but so what? I dont know who to go to during the weekend. Its hot, me and the wife are at each others throats because we are stressed..its bad..Can anyone point me in the right direction?? Please
Document everything. Save receipts so you can prove damages when the time comes. Report this to law enforcement and try to get them to document the incident as well.

Nobody can force the landlord to do anything. For your immediate needs to can rely on local charities.

The laws that cover these matters usually include stiff penalties. Perhaps if the landlord is made aware of these penalties he may be inclined to restore power and wait on court action. Perhaps you can persuade local law enforcement to inform the landlord of the civil penalties so you can about personal contact.

There is not a quick solution for you, unfortunately. If you do not have money saved for an emergency perhaps you can obtain a loan to help you through this.