Just found warrant from 12 yrs ago

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I recently did a background ck for a job and found out that I have a warrant issued from 12/21/95. I finally found a court that could find it, (took 4 courts) I have put it on the docket for Monday Oct 15. The thing is it is for forgery, I worked for a company back in 95 and it seems that some of the payroll checks went missing. I cashed my payroll ck in my married name which it was made out to and thought nothing of it as I had worked for it. I find out now that a warrant was issued under my maiden name which I had not used for at least four years and says I forged my married name to this check. I have never even so much as had a parking ticket so needless to say I am fairly new at this and dont have any idea on what to expect. The court clerk said I am scheduled for an araingment on monday. Does this mean they will arrest me that day? Or will they take into consideration that I didn't know about this and as soon as I found out I am the one bringing it up (sure its 12 years old but I never knew about it) will they take my previous (spotless) record into consideration? I called the public defender and they said that they don't represent me as they represented my co-defendant.....I didn't know I had one. I cannot afford to hire an attorney as I am not working at this time (the background ck was for a new job) I did find out it is a $7500 warrant and they said it was a misdemeanor. Am I looking at going to jail? Or will the courts work with me on this? I dont know the process and can't seem to stop worrying about this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
The public defender will have to get another public defender from a different area.

They are called "conflicts" public defender.

If you are eligible for a public defender, then one will have to be appointed for you.

Are you saying that your co-defendant from 12 years ago was represented by the public defender?
Yes they said I had a co defendant and that he was picked up on a warrant in 96 and represented by the public defender. I never knew anyone by the name they gave me as my co defendant and I never got anything in the mail. I lived at the same address for 6 years after this and when I did move it was only down the street about 4 miles in the same city so it would not have been hard to find me. I have done background cks with hospitals for jobs and served on jury duty at the same court house all with nothing showing up as a warrant. Until now. I just want to take care of this now that I know about it but dont want to put me or my son in any jeopardy in any way. Its just the two of us, but now that I know this is there I want to clear it all up. Is there a good chance I wont be coming home on Monday? If so I would need to make arrangements for my son.
I have no idea about the chances of anything happening, much less whether you will be going home next week.

This is serious.

Make sure you get a public defender.
I know you cannot guarantee me anything, I am just terrified here. Im hoping it will at least look better on me that I am the one brining this to court and that I have never been in any sort of legal trouble in my life. So they will have to appoint me a public defender still? I know I didnt do anything really wrong, I got paid and cashed my check. That's it. But I also know that things arent always that cut and dry. Thank you for your input. I do appreciate it. As I said I am totally new to this all and dont have a clue as to what steps are taken and when.
Q: So they will have to appoint me a public defender still?

A: See my prior posts where I answered this.
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