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my son is in the county jail for probation violation, he has been sleeping on a mat on the floor , one guy in his block has ring worm, i'm worried that my son might get it, also they have had one case of staph infection in the same block. my son is non violent and still has 3 mos to do
Who is reporting the jail conditions to you?
Have you spoken with the jailer about these conditions?
you don't understand, if you speak to anyone at that jail about it they will only make it harder on the people in jail. this is a small town and they pretty much do what they want,like my son gives the jailer popcorn to pop for him and the jailer either brings it back burnt or cold, there is 22 two person cells in my son's block and as of last night there are 53 people in his block. and this is a new jail. my son did violate his probation, i'm not saying he shouldn't be punished for it, but they are still human beings. and should be treated as such
What advice, then, would you like from us (since you do not want to report poor jail conditions to the jailer).

Cold or burned popcorn, by the way, are not bad jail conditions.
lets face it any jail conditions are bad, considering we don't want our loved ones to be there and they sure don't want to be there, It's the simple fact of them not being in an enviroment that their use too.
Jails are not supposed to be nice places.
This is not legal Advice!

Hey Lorataylor,

As to your quote "I'm not saying he shouldn't be punished for it, but they are still human beings. and should be treated as such"

We feel your pain as a parent but all we are not in the position of power to help you. All i suggest is that you're there for your son's return with a nice blanket and some home cooked food. Hopefully he will never go back and you all will live happily ever after. Sometimes the road we tread is hard but there is always the light to aim for when you have hit the bottom. Keep you chin up and try not to get your self too depressed, soon this will all be behind you.

Take care

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