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Is our township responsible for our development flooding during heavy rain?

Discussion in 'Other Ownership, Use & Privacy Issues' started by Spankey, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Spankey

    Spankey Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I am new here and wasn't sure what area to post this, sorry if it's in the wrong section, if so can a moderator please move this. Thanks

    Some background. I've lived at my address now for nearly 11 years and have NEVER seen what I've witnessed in the last two years with flooding in our development. Our development consists of single homes on roughly half acre property's. About 5 years ago our township allowed a developer to build a "Massive" town home development butted up next to our development thus down down stream of our rain water drainage. IN the past all our rain water run off ran into this massive field where the town home development now resides. Since then our homes are getting serious flood damage since our rain water has really no where to go now. From what I can see from aerial view is our water and the new development's water is going into a small retention pond that is in the new town home development.

    We've been to many township meetings and they've admitted the water has no where to go, not to mention that our piping in our current development is way to small. They had an engineer out to inspect a catch basin in our development that resides directly one house over behind my property and he said "Today this would NEVER pass Code".... This basin is also overflowing since the pipes down stream can't handle rain flow during larger than normal down pours.

    Many neighbors have had their basements and lower level of their homes completely flooded due to backups and have lost thousands of dollars in property and also time from work for clean up. The township today said they intend to do NOTHING! They approved this massive new development without considering rain water run off nor our layout in our development as well. We had a friend from the EPA contact them last year and they jumped but then when neighbor's felt the township was offering lip service, they stopped offering any help or consultation at all.

    Every time it rains our neighbors are scared they are going to loose their possessions and have to spend all this time cleaning up. We also fear our property values will soon diminish since word is getting out our development is getting flooded all the time.

    What can we do?Another issue we face is behind our home is a street run off that runs behind our property. We NEVER had an issue with Bugs and Mosquito's until the last two years. This swalle always now has water in it and I feel its because the basin was so badly damaged the water can retreat thus sits.

    Anyone have any idea what we can do? Can we band together and get someone to represent us? This is insane and our township is now allowing ANOTHER massive development to go in along the same street the town home one is and I bet we'll be getting their back up of water as well.

    I have plenty of pics and sadly the videos are to large the forum won't allow me to post but you'd be shocked. Pics are attached as you can see how badly our street and neighbors are getting flooding!

    Thanks for your time and advice.

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  2. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    Have you and your neighbors discussed any of this with an attorney? Do you have any actual damages yourself?

    If directly confronting your local government with the matter has not produced results, your best option, if there is help for this, will come from some legal arm twisting.
  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Of course you can. Just understand that lawyers and litigation cost money, often lots of money.

    And make sure you get a lawyer from somewhere else. One who isn't likely to be part of the local "good ole boy" network.

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