Is it legal 4 my Ins comp 2 call my doctor....

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I will try to be as direct as possiable.
For the last 15 years I have been seeing one doctor. I have Multiple Sclerosis. This disease is differtent for everyone who has it. Some haven't any pain, some moderate, and yet others have very painful MS. Such is my case. Being on the same pain meds for so many years, well I became immuned.
My doctor refused to increase it, or change it. I would tell him what others were taking for their pain. His answer was always" I quote (Then maybe you should go to their doctor) He would seem to get upset when ever I spoke about another doctor. I was advised by others in my condition to seek the help of a specialest. Pain Managment. I did, and may I say it worked. I nolonger have to suffer. I would still see my primary doctor, and take his percribetions. I would only fill 3 out of the 5 he gave me. 2 being narcotics, and 1 for my blood pressure. My pain managment doctor knew what I was taking from my primary doctor, and had no problem with it. I have been going now for 4 months. The last time however, and this is my question. My insurance company called my primary doctor. They told him about the other doctor, and his subcriptions. I hadn't told my primary doctor about him, because he is so tempermental. I figured why tell him and rock the boat. Now thanks to my insurance company my primary doctor called me and told me he could no longer give me any prescription's to manage my MS. Do they have the right to call my doctor, and discuss my condition. Now I can nolonger recieve the meds I need. Unless I go to a new doctor, and start all over again. Why wasn't I called about this, if it was a problem. Also why did they wait until the fourth vist (filling prescription's) from the pain management doctor to phone my primary doctor. I don't feel the insurance company has any right to do this.

Thank you for your time.
Ms. Mickey
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