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Is E-Verification of the employee needed for STEM OPT?

Discussion in 'Cultural, Training, Student Visa' started by Gabrielle Mitchell, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Gabrielle Mitchell

    Gabrielle Mitchell Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hi all,

    I am an international student working with a company on OPT. When I was hired, the company was not enrolled in the e-verify program.

    The company has recently enrolled into The e-verify program and I’d like to seek a STEM OPT extension.

    Do I, as an employee, have to be verified in the E-Verify system by the company for my STEM OPT application to be approved? (Is that needed in addition to the company being enrolled in e-verify program?)

    If so — since, I’m an existing employee — how can the company go about e-verifying me?
  2. flyingron

    flyingron Well-Known Member

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    Any employer needs to verify the employee's authorization to work. Provided you have a valid OPT authorization, why are you worked up about eVerify?

    If your OPT expires without being extended, you have to stop working. This isn't the "How can I break the law and get away with it forum." We can't advise you on that.

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