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Insurance Not Paying As Agreed

Discussion in 'Automobile & Car Insurance' started by bcard1015, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. bcard1015

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    I purchased disability insurance when I bought my new car in November 2007, in February 2008 I was sent a letter stating an endorsement was made in consideration of the premium charged, thus reducing the amount of my coverage which was $250 less for the monthly indemnity. I forwarded this to the dealer, they said they would handle it. In August 2008 I became disabled due to injury. The insurance is not paying the total amount that I purchased when I bought the car. I went to the dealer and they stated that they charged what they were told was the proper amount for full coverage. However, they did not charge enough for full coverage to make the total monthly payment it is $250 less. My question is when I purchased the insurance I purchased what I believed was to cover the full amount of the monthly payment. My intention was to make sure if anything happened that my payments would be made in full, not $250 less. Why did they not give me the option if they failed to charge me enough for the coverage I was supposed to get? Second, why was I not given that option back in February, why did they just take it upon themselves to reduce my monthly indemnity? Can they legally do this when my intent was to purchase full coverage?

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