Insurance Discrimination

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In TN, Rear ended by other insured driver, other insurance paid for repairs, car rental. I was injured and recieved over 8 months of physical therapy. I hired a lawyer simply to get the med bills paid, by my, or the other driver's ins, after receiving collection letters from Hospital, doctors, etc from the accident, I have a disablity that does not have anything to do with this accident. I have a lawyer, and have already given the other ins co the last 10 years of my medical records, and all medical info related to accident. NOW, the other lawyer for the ins co want my ENTIRE social security file. I have refused to sign authorization, my lawyer, in a letter, states: If I don't sign, its a "battle we can't win". I told him to settle then.
My question: My disablity, and my file, have absolutely nothing to do with the accident and is this discriminatory? Do ALL drivers, have to produce an entire SS file when a lawsuit is filed? What do I do with a lawyer who feels that I must comply with the opposition?
Pre-existing injuries are a problem. If you are claiming your pre-existing injury was exacerbated by the accident they want to compare the last 10 years to after the accident. I have tons of clients that have to sign authorizations to release records like that. It's not's discovery.
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Thank You, PILawGirl. Seems my attorney, without my consent, wants to make my disability, and the effects of the accident on my condition, ( prgressive, movement disorder) the major aspect of the case. I have advised him to settle, not that there isn't evidence of same, or that there is anything to hide, but after 2 1/2 years, I just want to move forward with the health and abilities I still have.
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