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"Inadaquate Representation" ( D.U.I.)

Discussion in 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' started by Erica_Matzker, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Erica_Matzker

    Erica_Matzker Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I will try to make a long story short. On April 13, 2003 at 11 a.m. I was pulled over for a D.U.I .
    There is no evidence. I was appointed to a public defender. My appointment with her was for 3 min. She never went over the poilice report with me, but I let her know that I wanted to plea not guilty becouse I am innocent. Left at that until my court date on 11-19
    When I showed up to court by myself the officers and my defender and the D.A.
    were all standing around talking and laughing like little kids in a class rm. on a rainy day.
    It was not a good feeling. My defender asked me if I wanted to get on the stand and testify like I was alleady on trial I was suppose to just plead "not guilty".
    I was coerced, by my defender to plead "No Contest" which she informed me it was not a "guilty plea"
    I ended up with house arrest and a big fine and some programs that cost an arm and a leg. For something I did not do.
    When I returned home my friend asked me what happened. I told him.
    he said that is not right i am not guilty why no contest? So I got on the phone and called her to see if I could take it all back, to "Appeal' it she told the secretary to tell me she has nothing say to me. So I was left alone in this matter and knew that I only had 30 days to do somethibng so I went to all the attorneys in town and got advise by appts. only. There went more time. This one attorney said I had to have the same one to make a court date I would have to be there with her when she appeals it. When I went to the office to talk to her she was gone, she moved. So I ended up with another attorney that was from the same firm. I made the appointment to see him. I seen him for 1 min. He got my hopes up and said that he will get it in right away. There were 3 days left to turn the appeal in.
    The attorney never turned it in at all becouse by the time I got a hold of him he told me that the D.A. said no that I knew what "no contest" meant so he did not even bother. He thought that I was one of those that does not care about documents. I said to him that I needed to have some kind of paper work or something that the appeal was turned in. In the mean time with 2 days left I called and talk to the court reporter and explained what happened that I needed to see a judge so she set me a court date for
    Feb 18, 04 the deadline was on (Dec 19, 03 ). That was 3 months later. I asked her if she could get me in there right away she said it would be o.k. that she will remember me and she would explain it to the judge. I said O.k.
    Feb 18, 04 I went to court and the judge wanted to sock it to me, and then she explained and asked him to look at his file again. He then apologized and granted me a new trial in the 5th distict and for her to put a memo on my file.
    March 4, 04 I went to court the attorney asked to be dismissed from this case becouse Miss. Muya and I had a dispute. That was a lie! He is hiding the truth and screwed everything up. So judge said to me to get a hold of another WIINNER, so I did.
    After I was left in thin air alone I went to pick up copies of the police report
    and read everything. In it was lies and discusting things that I never did or would do becouse it is in-humin. Not one of these attorneys has even read this ungodly report but me.
    Can this really be happening?
    Where are my rights?
    This attorney here says that the court made up thier mind to go ahead and resentence me, that the judge was not suppose to grant me a new trial. and also the other judge in the 5th district was not suppose to also.
    It took this officer 2 days to make this report. And what I found in this report was that when the judge is looking at my charges on the first page has my name and so on
    at the bottom of the page I found this kids name and his charges cont. to the next page,
    what is really bad is this kids social sec. # is sitting right on top of mne with 1 # off
    (excample) 123-456-222
    123-456-221 This kids charges you can't see his name at the bottom unless you really read the whole page, which his charges are all on the next page the whole page
    of course the judge is going to miss it beause he does not have the time.
    It took the officer 2 days to make this report.
    I go to court on June 1st.
    Can you please help me in this matter? What is missing?

    "As god is my wittness i am innocent"
    This was mistaken idendity she asked I knew a Wayne and a Tammy from Veyo. I have never even heard of Veyo. I'm from Calif.

    Thank You very much,
    Yours Truely Erica
  2. aaronapplewhite

    aaronapplewhite New Member

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    Here What You Need To Do To Win Against This

    You are your best Attorney, a court public defenderis never on your side, never, they see you only as a pay check, thats it!, you need to file a motion to request a rehearing of the same matter, and state why you want a rehearing, you want a rehearing to answer the complaint or charges against you, you must file a motion to answer, and also request an accelerated hearing date, this help gets you a faster/ quicker hearing date from the court.

    You also want for the record, while in court, to waive your right to counsel, for self-representation, and/or file a petition for writ of certiorari, to a higher court review the dicision of the ruling against you, which is your state's supreme court, and you can do this, any innocent person have what it takes to do this, they have the true! the true is superior over all court officers, in every level of the Law.

    I will help you as a pro-se consultant to get the truth heard in your case, email me at: emailmyoffice@yahoo.com

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