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I found out I have a court date tomorrow but was never served a summons from the debt collection agency. I have tried to work with the company to come up with a payment plan, however, the agency won't accept any offer I can afford. I am not sure if I should report since I didn't receive the summons. If I do go, what should I expect?
If you don't go you will get a judgment against you.
At the least you should show up and explain that you were not served and just found out, and that you need time to prepare.
Ask for a continuance so you can seek legal counsel. That may at least delay the inevitable, but it gives you time to come up with a plan.
I'd also find out if you were served by other means - it's not necessary for someone to walk up to you and hand you the paperwork.
You do need to go to court or they will get a default judgment against you for not showing up.
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