Tourist Visa Immigration officer limiting length of stay

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My friend has a tourist visa valid for 10 years which allows multiple entries for up to six months.
Last year my friend visited for 5 1/2 months.
The previous year she visited for 10 days.
This year, the immigration officer stated she could only stay for a few months and not six months.
He said that he added that note into the computer system.
I told him the U.S. Embassy that granted her the visa gave her permission to stay up to six months.
The immigration officer said that she better leave after a few months.
Does the immigration officer have the power to limit the length of her stay? Is she not able to stay six months?
I have no idea what kind of visa she has nor the terms. If you provide more information, glad to talk about it and the details why the officer believes he/she has the right to change the length of stay.
The duration of stay is decided at the "port of entry", not at the time of visa issuance. If the officer at the port of entry believes that the true intention of your trip is not a visit (some people work part-time as well, which is illegal on a visitor visa), he can limit the duration of stay.
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