Weapons, Guns, Firearms if you were in a motel that wasn't in your name

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And they found nothing in your bags but found a gun charged someone else and call you 3days latter and tell you if you don't go talk to him he will put warrant out for you is that legal
I don't know about anyone else but I'm not real clear on your post. Do you want to give a little more information please.

Are you saying nothing (no gun) was found in your bags?; if not in your bags, where was it found?; gun was in someone else's name & charged someone else for the gun?; who called you 3 days later?; who is the him/he that will put a warrant out on you if you don't talk to him?..........

Yes and no.
The police are likely trying to pressure you into giving a statement. You have the right to remain silent and do not have to give a statement if you wish.
If they believe the gun was yours and your possession of it was somehow illegal then they can seek a warrant, but they would have to obtain enough information to convince a judge there is probable cause for your arrest. If they had that probable cause they likely would have arrested you to begin with.
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