Consumer Law, Warranties I have Two $600 Deposits Now, I helped A Friend Get His Spring $1,200 Stimulus Money

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Hi Everyone,

It's a pleasure to get registered here, I've been laid off because of the Corvid 19 virus & i need some legal advice.

I have three questions I need help getting answered.

1. I helped a friend from work get the $1,200 stimulus money in the spring because he did not have a bank account by setting up a paypal account & i need some questions answered about my tax liability for 2020

Paypal never sent a paypal debit card or he got his old address wrong, so i transferred the $1,200 to my paypal account and gave him cash.

2. I've lost track of him & i've called his old number & it goes to voice mail, I've also emailed him telling him he's got $600 sitting in his paypal account & still no reply.

3. If he doesn't respond to my emails & voice messages, should I just leave the money in his paypal account or maybe send him a registered letter to his last paypal address, he could has passed away it's been month's since I've heard from him & I could use the money myself.


Gary C.
It's his money, not yours. You either leave it in his PayPal account for him to get or notify the state that money appears to be unclaimed and the state may take the money to hold for him. In any event, don't use the money for yourself as you are not entitled to it.
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