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So many parts of importance to this question so I'll make facts brief and let you know now I have pages of case study notes, transcripts, and my own mind to warrant such confidence... And I can back everything up and promise to not waste time...

Man looks for swinger fun in Craigslist adult personals... Speaks to so called "husband" of couple ...he released his age to be 40 but never mentioned any age of the girl he spoke as his "gf" so given the transcripts I've verified intent is clear and the fact he went to hotel to meet said couple and was arrested for child molestation is a joke to me... However for the longest Time I'm not sure where we go to prove innocence after he was urged till accept a plea with ignorance as his only crime he trusted the lawyer and that's because he had not been educated on the fact the burden of proof lied on the prosecutor.. Smart man who was scared pled guilty (had he been properly educated he would have asked what proof the DAy had that scared his lawyer and why.... Or even that he was given a time limit of 30 minutes and no education on the process to withdraw please once he realized he made a mistake..

Chapter 2 ...let's forget he's innocent and assume the worst if you would like... His sent a MC inf judge gave him probation and banished him from GA.. HE SUBMITS ALL IC transfer paperwork to his PO immediately... Reports as he shouldn't and asks every week why he hasn't head anything.. Fast forward to Feb and he misses a meeting with po...it's not until Feb 12th that south Carolina recieved application... (4 MO that after he proactively did his part to get out of ga) ...no laws governing a time frame of submitting papers?? Revocating him for being in Georgia but he was set up to fail either way due to poor ethical decisions and no reason why the po held onto them and no way to see if we are arguing his reason to wait four months? ? Or did he change the date to cover his irresponsibility ? I hope that date is falsified because he's going to make it easy to prove the revocation is unjustified... It would be easy to prove he falsified if so... Why revocate someone for no show the. Same day u claim. He signed a paper in your office? Maybe he didn't change the document.. Doesn't he have to face the accusation of giving no fair option for success nor doing his job correctly by waiting four months to submit papers he would then usee to revocate him.... .. He's now in prison on a bogus revocation that should be easily looked into as there is no evidence that the officer was doing his job to help rehabilitate what could have been a criminal.. Not to mention he's been revocated on a charge he was innefectivly helped with and charged with no evidence or reason to beloved guilt to begin with.. He. Is guilty of ignorance for sure... How to I start and can someone help ...this is why I want to go to let school....

How can I obtain document he signed in Nov and the recieving state claims arrived in Feb to view the date? How do I prove inefective counsel? Reversing plea ? I'm not worried about proving innocence... Good luck to them trying till prove guilt.... Who wants in on this fun...
If you want to help your friend, hire him an attorney.

Competent attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients.
If you want to help your friend, hire him an attorney.

Competent attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients.

Your claim is unjustified and opinionated... I've read plenty of forums and seen many legit attorneys who do in fact enjoy reading these forums. Thanks for your input but as you can see I know hiring an attorney is my best bet. And as a full time college student and mother I will when I can... Until then I will assist as much as possible and I'll seek advice or guidance on the process as I go. You sir are the only troll. Your comments are ignorant thanks
Your claim is unjustified and opinionated...


Are you an attorney? If not, then forget the "we" and "I" since this case seems to have nothing to do with you. Maybe you think you're the female Perry Mason but you have no standing here.

As you were advised, the only thing you can do is to retain legal counsel for this other person. Otherwise, it's all on them