Property Invasion, Damages, Trespass Humane Society thinks they are above the law.

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Does the Humane Society or the police have the right to go on to my property and take pictures of my animals when i'm not there or even notified yet? If i'm being charged with animal cruelty and animal torture shouldn't they take all of my animals instead of just some of them? They picked and chose which ones to take and thrn made stupid excuses as to why they took them. My puppies didn't have water, my bird pooped in her water, my ferrets were skinny, and my cat had fleas. Do they have the right to come on my property when there is a no trespassing sign up and take my dog because she was lying in a mudpuddle and not even tell me? I went to get her back and they told my to get a prosecuting attorney. Can they do that? They told me they were coming to get my ducks next because they have a lady in Waynesfield that wants them. Is this right? We go to court Wednesday do I have a case against the Humane Society? :confused:
yes my dear, they can. If the animals in your posession can be viewed by others and are being considered treated as inhumane, they have every right to come out and inspect. It's the DHR of animal rights. You give a lot of excuses, where are the remedies? One can be forgiven of a slight overture, but what are you doing to make it right? Make it right with your animals and you will be okay. Best of luck to you.
I think we need some more details, such as who came onto your property and whether or not your animals were visible from the street. Seems to me that your fist priority should be protecting your own interests before jumping up to sue someone for disobeying your "no trespassing" sign.
Hi ashley,

You didn't mention what city/state you are in. Humane societies have different legal powers that vary by state and town. Unless we know where you are we won't be able to help you much. You might want to contact a lawyer who is familiar with animal law in your area.

For anyone to remove you animals they had to be legally empowered to do so. How that occurs depends on where you live. Some humane societies have police offers (NYC) assigned to them that help them enforce humane legislation. In other places a complaint is called into a humane society and they must get a warrant from a court officer and co-ordinate with the police to seize animals. Many places hace legislation in place where if an animal is in imminent danger they can be removed.

I'm sure you are very angry at having your privacy violated and your animals removed. Unless they are pressing criminal charges against you, you may be better off negotiating with the people who seized your animals. In the vast majority of cases they seize animals because they perceive the animals are in danger or neglected, not to punish you. If you are patient you can probably come to a solution.

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