How to present evidence "Exhibits"?

Sammie Rivers

New Member
I'm working on a small claims issue and in the process of organizing evidence to submit to court. I was going to do this as Exibit "A"....Exibit "B" on and so on.

Problem is, there are 31 Exhibits and only 26 letters in the alphabet. After Exhibit "Z" would I label the following 7 Exhibits? I just want to look professional. Thank YOU
Why not use numbers?

If you want to use letters, you can go with X, Y, Z, AA, BB, CC.... Really, any system that's clear will work.
Wisconsin court rules do not want you to prelabel the exhibits. They will be assigned by the court. Generally the courts will mark them P-1, P-2, etc... (P for the plaintiff's exhibits, D for the Defense).