Other Debt How to collect against a default judgement in Cherokee County, GA

I have default judgement against a car dealer who sold my car in 2018 but did not pay me.

I went to small claims court in Cherokee County, GA where the business was based and initially agreed to settle on a payment plan.

The individual made couple of partial payments and then failed to make payments. After many reminders, he has just declined to make payments.

So earlier this year, I obtained a default judgement against him. How do I collect from this individual now? I can file a FiFa but it seems, it might require a different case. I am not sure how to navigate this.
A Writ of Fieri Facias (or Writ of Fi Fa) is a document issued by the Clerk of Magistrate Court for the purpose of recording a lien on the judgment debtor's property. It is also a legal instrument by which the sheriff of a county may seize the assets of a judgment debtor. A Writ of Fi Fa is recorded upon the general execution docket, which is maintained by the Clerk of Superior Court of Fulton County.