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Hoping to live the American Dream H Visa

Discussion in 'Investment, Work Visa' started by CindyVCK, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. CindyVCK

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    I came to the US on the 28th of February, on a H1B visa to work for a consultant company. I was under the pretext that I was going to work for one of their clients and get paid by them. Once I arrived they asked me to prepare a profile with fictitious experience in the US so that they could start marketing me. I was put in a two-room apartment with another 9 guys from India sharing one toilet.

    Before they processed my H1B they required for a security deposit of USD 2000/-. In which they said they would refund after a year plus the airfare that I incurred to travel from Sri Lanka to the US. When speaking to them they said that one-year begins from the day that I get placed at a client site. Now, all this is not a written policy but said verbally.

    Now, they call me and ask me to sign a document saying that I was on leave until now. So far they have not paid me since I have arrived in this country except given me accommodation with 9 others in a two-room apartment sharing one toilet. I find myself trapped and I need help.

    I also fear if I complain, I will loose my H1 status and will have to leave the country. I am in Catch-22 situation. Please advise how I could sort this situation without jeopardizing my stay.


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