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My husband recently passed away, our home had been paid for, several years ago he took care of all business matters, and shortly after his passing I was informed that he had stop paying the taxes, and now I'm faced with being displaced from my home within 45 days.I have no financial
means of paying all the arrears taxes, or selling this house and finding a place to live.Is there any one in the legal system can help me or advise
thanks I would be very appreciative
I'm sorry that this was a late reply. Obviously this is conversation and any statements made are no substitute for a meaningful consultation with a professional financial planner and/or attorney who can review all the facts and circumstances in your case and your options.

With regarding foreclosure, much is backed up in the legal system. There is an ability to negotiate. However, if you owe back taxes they need to be paid or at least arrangements made for payment. The IRS has been known to be amenable to working out payment plans. But I don't know if or how an attorney can help with a math problem, which would mean also finding a way to compensate the attorney for their time.

I'm not sure why selling the home and finding a smaller place to live and using any extra cash wouldn't be an acceptable and better solution. No, it's not optimal, but if you can't or will not pay what is owed, then what is to be expected? If there is no income or means to secure a loan (from people who would probably expect to be paid back as well and secure the payment of the loan with some collateral), then the best option would be to sell the house. If you leave the home to be sold by the bank, it will take a large amount out of the proceeds. Good luck going forward.
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