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"Holding My Breath" Criminal Trials, Hearings

Discussion in 'Criminal Procedure, Criminal Court' started by choochoo, May 10, 2008.

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  1. choochoo

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    What is the name of your state? Calif.- ??SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED?? How does one "With-Draw" a Plea ? And what are the proper proceedures (includeing if a "Motion to With-Draw was denied )??

    I went in front of the Judge with a "Conflict Panel Attorney" to With-Draw my Plea, and the Judge refused the Motion to With-Draw my plea and said I had no Conflict with the Public Defender and the Judge remanded me to Custody to continue on with the Sentencing.
    I Never initialed the one box on the change of plea( Arbukle Waiver) and I demanded to the Public Defender that he request that I be sentenced by the orignal Judge who first heard my case. I knew that the original Judge had just been transfered to a different Court house in a different City. Everyone in the Court room look "Dumb-Founeded" and
    the Judge did not know what to do at the immediate time and I requested to the "P.D." that he speak up and have the Judge release me . I was released for a few hours, thats when I had to return to the Court after Lunch Break and report to a different Court room.
    .....When I reported to the Court room after lunch , I found myself in front of a different judge and he said; I could with-draw my "Plea", however I would be remanded to custody and the Process would start over again. My wife and I ,were presently in the process of moving and Me going back into Custody right then was not good for that time due to we were moving. I was given an option by the P.D. and that was, either go into custody right then "or" continue with a "GuiltyPlea" and return in 60-days for sentencing. I strongly feel that I was "Pressured" and was not given sufficent time to talk it over with Council.
    I never returned for Sentencing...
    What can I do, to retract my Plea and fight the "False Charges" that the D.A. piled up on me.

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