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i have had the local city police called regarding loud music.. however, not one time was this found to be the case.. there have been several calls and on the last call i was informed the next visit would result in an $80.00 fine.. regardless as to whether or not there was a disturbance... the is the cost for the dept. to respond... i have since collected signatures of all but a few of my neighbors stating they have never heard any music or any disturbance.... how can i face my accusser?? (legally?) where do i begin? i have lived in the same place for over eleven years.. redondo beach, california .
You may want to send him a certified letter, return receipt requested, demanding that he quit making false reports. You should tell him that any further false report will result in your taking him to court for harassment and filing a false claim. You may even want to send a certified copy to your local precinct regarding this person. Keep those letters/signatures from your neighbors handy. While in court they will probably require testimony, you never know when they may come in handy.

Does this person even live near you? Are you part of the same building? This might also require a letter to the super/owner.
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jon, that is one of the mysteries... i do not know who is making the calls.... like i said, i have signatures of all of the tenants in my building and the surrounding ones.... all verifying they have no complaints regarding noise or etc.. so ... do i just wait until i receive that first $80.00 ticket and go from there??? ::(( dayna

i'll share this with you through my eyes.... there was no discussion with the police.. it went more like this... "we have to respond when we receive a call, regardless..and since we have received so many calls, the next time we roll up at your residence we are required to issue you a ticket for our troubles" and so , i will ad ." they (police) have yet to ask us to turn down any music... not to mention the last visit i received from the friendly protectors of my fair city.. they went inside my garage and made the comment.." this music is fine..." and you know the rest... that is where i still remain..:) luvh20play any sound advice and or direction will be open arms.... thanks
The person calling 911 (presumably 911 - only reasonable way to summon emergency services) is obviously not using your phone line to call. The 911 operators have very, very accurate information on every call regardless to user-set limitations. The responding police officers have that same information when responding to a call or can obtain it within minutes via radio or car-based laptop. I would obtain a record of every call made on you and where it came from. This should at least track you back to the place of the 911 call/complaint. Unfortunatly, this should have been done by the cops to start with.
Were these calls made to 911 or your local precinct? You may want to write them a certified letter stating the problem to protect yourself and, most importantly, put somebody there on notice of the issue. Sometimes you don't get the obvious, logical reaction unless someone's butt is "on the line." Did the police receive a name of the caller and their address or was this an "anonymous call?" If it was anonymous, you definitely want to put the police department on notice of the threat to you regarding the issuance of a summons. Get someone's name to address the letter.
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i am very much in favor of obtaining these records of the calls.. however...i do not know where to obtain them , nor do i know what terms to request ... also, the local police department, or should i say, the officer responding to the call made it clear to me that he was not allowed to disclose that information to me... any guidance would be appreciated... dayna
You need to ask if they will tell you who called. You should file a complaint and make sure they take it. This way you can send them a certified letter stating that you were refused the information and that you have told them on numerous occasions that the report is false, yet the PD insists on coming yet again and threatened to issue a summons. In addition, the PD is refusing your ability to report false charges and taking the word of some caller anonymous to you over your word. This will put the PD on notice and someone there will have to answer for it if you get dragged into the mess.
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